Competitions are a great day out for kids and parents alike.


Competitions provide a variety of events and categories for all ages and abilities, from those who have never competed before to those who are seasoned competitors.

Competitions can help improve confidence, motivation, and watching others compete can inspire our younger members.

We encourage all our Tigers to compete for those reasons, and hold our own smaller competitions in order to help prepare them to compete locally, regionally, and nationally.

Children's Karate Competition

Once a year we are proud to host our Shotokan Tiger's Competition. This is a competition specifically for Under 16s that acts as an introduction to competing for our younger ones.

Other clubs from the surrounding area travel to compete with us, and it is especially useful for learning Competition Etiquette, rules, and practicing in a safe and controlled environment.

This competition focuses on three areas: Kata, or a routine; Team Kata, performing a routine synchronised with a team; and Ippon-Kumite, a basic form of sparring. 

It is an opportunity to step outside of your comfort zone and even win a medal!

The Karate Union of Great Britain (KUGB) hosts many competitions throughout the year.


Across the year a child can enter the Southern Regional Championships, the KUGB National Championships, the National Youth Championships, and the Shotokan Cup.

These competitions are larger than our Tiger's Competition, and have those from many other clubs competing.

We recommend these competitions once a child has earnt their first or second belt.


Photo: Anya, Mia , and Alex: Tigers to Champions