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 Join Our Nation of Shotokan Tigers!

The Shotokan Tiger Nation is an initiative to encourage children to get active and learn life skills through training in the art of Shotokan Karate.

Our classes are aimed at children aged 4-10 and are an introduction to the exciting martial art of Karate in a safe, controlled environment.

Karate can help teach life skills such as good manners, respect, and discipline, and many of our Tigers have grown up to be successful in other areas such as school, university, and the workplace.

Hiral, J.

The teachers are so passionate and absolutely amazing at what they do.

They have taken the time to ensure that my son, with his special needs, is included in the lesson and that he is not only looked after but pushed in a positive manner to achieve his best. My little boy loves these classes and the 'Senseis'!

Steve R.

The Tiger’s Classes increased my daughter's self-believe, gave her physical and mental life skills, and to top it all she has made many friends and has had a lot of fun.

I fully recommend them to anyone who wants their children to learn how to succeed in a safe and fun environment, with great coaches, or ‘Senseis’.

Samantha, D.

Both my sons train together in these Tiger's Classes. It has brought my boys' confidence out and has made them believe in themselves.


It is amazing the difference in them since they started training and to see that they are so proud of their achievements in working through the different belts together. 

I would thoroughly recommend them to everyone!

But don't just take our word for it,

Hear from the parents of some of our Tigers...


We run three classes a week dedicated to our Tigers, designed to help increase their concentration as they learn whilst also being fun!

We recommend that our Tigers attend two lessons per week in order to progress at a good pace and to be able to complete a Grading to earn their next belt.










These classes take place during Term-Time. During the Holidays and Half-Terms we hold Special Courses and encourage our Tigers to try and attend one of our Family Classes. These Family Classes are for all ages and abilities, however, they can be more crowded and a tad intimidating for younger members and beginners- which is why we recommend our Tiger's Classes as a good starting point.


what is a grading?

A Grading is a practical exam that our students take in order to achieve their next belt. These are administered by a high-ranking examiner who travels to Chelmsford to both teach a special lesson before the Grading, as well as conduct the Grading.

Gradings provide short-term goals and structure that keeps children both interested and motivated.


A certificate is presented to each student who successfully passes a Grading, and a photograph of them with their Sensei will be available via social media or email.


Gradings take place every few months, and in order to take a Grading the student must be regularly training at least two lessons per week.


No child is forced to take a Grading if they do not feel particularly confident at that time. We offer extra support in the weeks leading up to each Grading and dedicate lessons to the Grading syllabus.

what is the belt system?

In Karate, a student's ability is shown through the colour of the belt they wear. Beginners start at White Belt, and through Gradings they can earn more colours.

If a student is training regularly, they can earn up to three belts a year. Each belt comes with new moves and routines, or 'Katas', to learn, which helps to continuously challenge children and give them new goals to strive for.

Each belt has different expectations for the student's knowledge, ability, and behaviour, and we find our beginners often look up to those with higher belts, or as we call them 'High Grades'.


outside of classes

Many people don't know that Karate has a lot more to offer outside of our regular training classes and Gradings. There are many more optional opportunities for our Tigers to get involved in the Karate Lifestyle...

anti-bullying courses

On this course you will learn some personal safety techniques and strategies to live by and to complement your Karate training - although no previous experience in Karate is necessary.


Competitions are a great experience for our younger members, from competing locally, regionally, or even nationally! 


Throughout the year we hold a variety of Social Events, which are great opportunities to meet new friends and have fun!

kugb courses

As a part of the Karate Union of Great Britain (KUGB) we have access to training courses around the country!

This is a great way to introduce yourself to the wider Karate community.