Social Events

You may not think it, but this photo shows some of our most motivated, driven, hardest-working, disciplined Tigers. 

But kids will be kids!

Karate is a social sport, and because of that our Tigers will find themselves having fun and being social in all aspects of Karate, whether on courses, at competitions, or simply training in the Dojo.

On top of this, we like to provide opportunities for them to get to known each other through fun social events we hold throughout the year!

Picnic in the Park

Silly Karate Kids

Summer Picnic

The Hyland Games

When Summer rolls around we'll be heading to Hylands Park for our annual Club Picnic. 


Need to burn off some energy? Why not take part in The Hyland Games, a competition full of rounders, egg and spoon races, and more!


Bring a picnic, suncream, etc, and, if you have a water pistol, bring that too!


Come and join us! The whole family is welcome.


Christmas Party

As schools break-up for Christmas we end our year with a Christmas Party!

Full of fun and games, a Christmas quiz, and a presentation of all our achievements from the past year, this party is also home to our talent show: Chelmsford's Got Talent. We invite our Tigers to show us their talents!

Christmas Karate Party